Intelligent Transportation System

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is an advanced application to provide innovative services relating to transport management and assist users to make safer and smarter use of transport networks. ITS is applied in the field of road transport and traffic management as well as for interfaces with other modes of transport.


The system classifications are as below:

  • ATMS (Advanced Traffic Management System)
  • ATIS (Advanced Traveler Information System)
  • AVCSS (Advanced Vehicle Control and Safety System)
  • APTS (Advanced Public Transportation System)
  • CVO (Commercial Vehicle Operation)


ATMS, ATIS, and AVCSS technologies are used in automatic vehicle monitoring and fleet management systems to improve traffic problems and enhance the safety and efficiency of information transmission such as ETC system. As for ETC system application, MLiS provides wireless and wired solutions to meet customers’ needs. The cellular terminal connects to sensors and brings data back to the monitoring center as the structure shown below. 


To meet network device requirements, high bandwidth for video and data transmission is emphasized in the ETC system application. Large amounts of traffic data are from gantry devices such as camera and scanner, and sensor by Gigabit transmission speeds and across the ETC network backbone to achieve high-resolution transmission for each gantry. In addition, MLiS products support wide temperature operation. The device has to be capable of operating in harsh outdoor environments under wide temperature range from -40°C to 75°C. Moreover, MLiS cellular terminal is designed as compact dimension for gantry installation to meet the limited space and features in DIN-rail mounting.






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