How Wireless Backs on Factory Automation to Succeed?


[Taipei, Taiwan, July, 2019] Industrial automation which requires distance controlled and regulated system, it’s clear that communications between machines, robots, and computers that direct them is critical. The more information that’s communicated, the greater productivity and efficiency. You may know of this as Industry 4.0, reference to the current fourth generation of manufacturing that combines stable communications, internet cloud connectivity and software to greatly improve manufacturing through automation.


For communication, wireless technology, which has boomed in the IT sector in the past year. MLiS ZigBee products (MLB-Z4001 & MLB-Z1001) are the modem with emerging middle-range, low-rate wireless network technology for supporting large-scale ubiquitous Industrial IoT applications, namely efficiency, timeless, and scalability. The series of products is designed to support Peer-to-peer and Automesh networks link as a way to not only connect old systems, but also implement monitoring, further increasing the breadth of useful machine data.


In factory, with 900 MHz, the MLiS ZigBee Modem features strong penetration, overcomes the interference in reliable between access points and controllers to ensure operation, as well as 2000 ft. (610m) long distance connection. The rugged modem supports wide temperature, -40°C to 75°C is also capable of operation run orderly in harsh environment.


Key features

  • 900 MHz RF signal
  • Automatically build up mesh network (AutoMesh)
  • Longer distance to 2000ft. (610m)
  • RF data rate up to 200 Kbps
  • Configuration Utility/ Web console


Successful Case in Factory


About Schmidt

Schmidt, the origin of MLiS, started with the distribution business 120 years ago. Now Schmidt Electronics Group is Gemalto, SIERRA and Digi's wireless module distributor in Asia. MLiS, at the same time, has embarked in industrial communication since 2007. Developing a broad range of wired and wireless products to meet various M2M needs is our mission.


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