IIoT to Solar Power System


[Taipei, Taiwan, June, 2019] Solar power is the fastest-growing source of new energy, however, more installations means more endpoints to monitor and guarantee. The suppliers provide the energy storage at most convenient, cost-effective, and release power to critical requirements, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing wastage. While solar energy companies could previously rely on manual processes to keep tabs on everything, this approach is no longer feasible because of the sector’s scale and spread.


How to reduce the cost of operation and maintenance is the most concern that solar energy companies get starting embrace IIoT, known as Industrial Internet of Things. Solutions and services that are based on Industrial IoT products can help the solar energy company improve its system. For example, at solar energy storage system, IIoT help operators monitor the production and consumption of power in real-time insight at site of management teams.


With this trend at solar energy companies, MLiS products (MLB-G4202 and MLB-E4104-5) provide Industrial Connectivity solutions and help IT engineers can more easily, effectively keep tabs on all endpoints; ensure that every distributed network endpoint is functioning properly. The solar energy supplier can also collect all data from sensors at distributed endpoints, by proactive analysis at cloud that can in turn help them align the production of power and distribution cycles.   




                                        [Scenario for Industrial Connectivity at Solar Power System]



        [MLiS MLB-G4202 Connection with PV Inverter]



  [MLiS MLB-E4105 Connection at Solar Controller Station]


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