Modbus Gateway - Factory Automation Solution



[Taipei, Taiwan, Mar. 18th, 2019] - MLiS Modbus gateway provides solutions for connecting devices or controllers with Modbus serial protocol and Ethernet network. In addition, MLiS Modbus gateway offers transparent connectivity from Modbus serial devices to Etehernet-based equipment. We have flexible installation options to meet configuration requirements in the application of remotely monitoring. MLiS Modbus gateway product MLB-G1103 provides data accessibility to devices and can be remotely managed with easy conversion of Modbus.


Modbus is a serial communications protocol for connecting industrial electronic devices. In addition, Modbus enables communication among many devices and it is used to connect a supervisory computer with a remote terminal unit (RTU) in supervisory and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. All Modbus commands can verify information to allow the recipient to detect transmission errors. The basic Modbus commands can instruct RTU to change the value of its registers and control an I/O port. 


With the trend of the industry 4.0, MLiS provides wired and wireless solutions with Modbus gateway in factory automation to optimize manufacturing process. The data-acquisition-ready suite provides a ready-to-use platform to colllect data from edge devices to a cloud services at Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications (including solar, wind power, eater meters, wastewater monitoring and intelligent manufacturing) for remote monitoring, data acquisition and processing. That is to say, MLiS products offer various applications with Modbus gateway to help enterprises increase business value. 






About Schmidt

Schmidt, the origin of MLiS, started with the distribution business 120 years ago. Now Schmidt Electronics Group is gemalto, SIERRA and Digi's wireless module distributor in Asia. MLiS, at the same time, has embarked in industrial communication since 2007. Developing a broad range of wired and wireless products to meet various M2M needs is our mission.