Electric Power Distribution - Automatic Control System



[Taipei, Taiwan, Mar. 8th, 2019] - To meet the industrial markeet needs, MLiS provides professional techniques and solutions in the applicaiton of electric power distribution. Power plants supply electric power over wide areas to allocate energy and monitor the operation of power distribution through network conneciton system.


As for electric power distribution network, MLiS MLB-G4201, MLB-G4202 and MLB-G1103 support GPRS and RF series feature long distance and strong penetration of transmission to collect and analyze the information. In addition, MLiS automatic control system enhance operaitonal costs reduction and system reliability improvement to the distribution control center. The soluiton can significantly reduce the interruption of operation to achieve high performance, especially in the industrial environment. MLiS devices facilitate data gathering, report analysis and regulatory compliance management through the IIoT integration. 









About Schmidt

Schmidt, the origin of MLiS, started with the distribution business 120 years ago. Now Schmidt Electronics Group is gemalto, SIERRA and Digi's wireless module distributor in Asia. MLiS, at the same time, has embarked in industrial communication since 2007. Developing a broad range of wired and wireless products to meet various M2M needs is our mission.