Wireless Communication - Smart Refrigerated Cabinet

[Taipei, Taiwan, Oct. 30, 2017] – In order to meet the industrial marketing trend, MLiS Zigbee series provides intelligent solutions for wireless communication in medical refrigerator application. The products enhance professional techniques and assist users to monitor refrigerator temperature with temperature alert system.


MLiS ZigBee Modem product (MLB-Z1001) provides easy-to-use and reliable wireless integration in medical environments such as medical refrigerator in hospital. As for wireless system, it is relatively easy to install and maintain. In addition, the MLiS ZigBee Modem features strong penetration in offering stable and reliable communication between access points and controllers to ensure operation, as well as 2000 ft. (610m) long distance connection. With 900 MHz strong penetration, MLiS ZigBee Modem is capable to overcome interferences and make operation run orderly.


Moreover, MLiS ZigBee Modem provides AutoMesh network capability to create a highly redundant and reliable network. It is important to store pharmaceuticals in the hospital and keep medical refrigerator at low temperature. if the temperature is out of control, it will cause millions of losses. Also, it is not easy to install wiring in the hospital environment and it will increase budget and take a lot time. To address this issue, MLiS Sub-GHz ZigBee features offering outstanding solutions with the seamless wireless connectivity to satisfy users’ system specifications and needs. 



Solution: Temperature Alert System


To satisfy marketing needs, MLiS ZigBee Modem provides the solution with temperature alert system in medical refrigerator application. The machine will show the signal through the internet when the refrigerator temperature is unusual. In addition, wireless communication enhances the transmission and reduce interference to make machine operate smoothly.  


Please check the video link about operation.




Key Features

  • 900 MHz RF signal
  • Longer distance to 2000ft. (610m)
  • RF data rate up to 200 Kbps
  • Configuration utility/web console
  • Automatically build up mesh network (AutoMesh)



About Schmidt

Schmidt, the origin of MLiS, started with the distribution business 120 years ago. Now Schmidt Electronics Group is gemalto, SIERRA and Digi's wireless module distributor in Asia. MLiS, at the same time, has embarked in industrial communication since 2007. Developing a broad range of wired and wireless products to meet various M2M needs is our mission.