Network Surveillance System High-speed Data Transmission



[Taipei, Taiwan, June 28, 2017] – MLiS provides the solution for the new product Ethernet 2G/3G/LTE terminal series to achieve the significant advancements. Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is a standard for high-speed wireless communication for data terminals; it increases the capacity and speed to use different wireless interfaces with network improvements. Furthermore, MLiS Ethernet 2G/3G/LTE terminal series establish the communication between machine to machine (M2M) over diverse locations. In addition, MLiS MLB-G4202 Ethernet LTE IP gateway series provides a higher cellular bandwidth and more reliable connection to Ethernet network for cellular applications.


MLiS managed industrial switches support scale chain with new concepts (as the picture shows below), which chooses the middle node of chain to block path. Therefore, the surveillance system is able to balance traffic flow and specific nodes to prevent the network bottleneck and achieve high performance. In addition, MLiS managed switches are applied to surveillance system to improve network performance. For example, MLiS IP camera application for GeoVision (SD3732-IR), Hunt (HLC-75ED), and VACRON (VIG-UM723). MLiS Ethernet switches are designed with features, which include wide temperature range, surge, port-to-port isolation, and 802.3 af/at PoE to assist PoE IP camera and reliably handle data flow transmission. Moreover, users can build up a tunnel by using LTE router to support the data which is from IP camera and remote server to make certain the redundant system is operational. 








MLiS Managed Switch Services

LTE/Router (MLB- G4202)

2KV Surge immunity on RJ45 ports

MCCP/MCCU support

1.5KV Hipot for port isolation

15KV ESD protection

-40~75°C operating temperature

-40~75°C operating temperature

100% burn-in process

NAT/Port forwarding

Rugged fanless design

Even trigger by GPRS/IO/Reboot/Relay

Innovated functions: Flash Ring/Scale Chain

SMS control

High level security: ACL, QCL, VCL, etc.

CE/FCC certification

Easy-to-use design

2 * Ethernet ports for IP camera solution

Cisco-liked interface with various S/W function

Supports 3G and 4G global networks



About Schmidt

Schmidt, the origin of MLiS, started with the distribution business 120 years ago. Now Schmidt Electronics Group is gemalto, SIERRA and Digi's wireless module distributor in Asia. MLiS, at the same time, has embarked in industrial communication since 2007. Developing a broad range of wired and wireless products to meet various M2M needs is our mission.